Men's Bracelet Made of Natural Frankincense Beads

Men's Bracelet Made of Natural Frankincense Beads
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Product description

  • Men's bracelet
  • Brand „Absolute incense“
  • Frankincense beads
  • Natural frankincense color
  • Bead size: Ø 12 mm (0.47")
  • Elastic band
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  • 12 months guarantee



Frankincense – the resin of the Boswellia tree which is used in aromatherapy, perfumery and incense production. This resin is also burned in the church during the rites. Using the latest technologies, we can also offer you jewelry made of frankincense. These bracelets are unique because they emit a pleasant and soothing scent. In the modern world, frankincense is believed to have healing, aromatherapeutic, pain-relieving and antiseptic abilities.


About „Absolute incense“

30+ years of handicraft with natural materials at the core. Since the start in 1992 our German-Lithuanian company has been involved in production.

Discover some of our jewelry pieces, all made of the fragrant frankincense stone. Each piece gently touches the senses and brings the wearer closer to the nature. The everlasting scent reminds a sunny day in the pine tree forest. It reconnects the wearer with the nature, no matter where and when.

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