Men’s Bracelet from Beads with Leopards

Men’s Bracelet from Beads with Leopards
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Product description

This bracelet has a lot of character since leopards' heads have symbolic meaning.

Why are these animals with spotted fur special?

Leopards are very old and powerful animals as well as totems. They embody agression, bravery and power.

From old times leopards were respected as very strong and powerful creations in Amazon jungle.

The leopard chases its prey silently and patiently until finally attacks it almost in the speed of light. It somewhat symbolizes knowledge when it's best to back out and follow dreams alone. They usually are tended to be loners but nevertheless they are confident.

So, if the leopard's symbolic meaning is close to you, then this accessory could be exactly the detail of your image which you had always been looking for.

This bracelet is great for everyday wearing as well as special occasions.

The luxury side of this accessory comes from leopards' heads which are decorated with green crystals.

Also, it's a longlasting bracelet since it's made from stainless steel material which is polarized so it won't lose its shine.

What's more, it's water and corrosion resistant.

It's a great gift idea for a man since it has symbolic meaning as well as its size is universal so you can never go wrong by buying it.

This bracelet is comfortable too because it has an elastic thread inside.


Bracelet's characteristics

  • Polarized stainless steel beads
  • Stainless steel leopards' heads with green crystals
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Universal size (adjustable lenght)
  • Flexible rubber thread inside
  • Suitable for small, average and large wrist
  • 12 months guarantee


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